Samstag 18.04.2015, 21:30

Where: Basel
Genre: Electronica

An Evening in Electronic Ambient

His new “Ambient” series will take you on a psychonautic trip across 40 years of electronic music including projected visual animations and selected readings from Kerouac and McKenna. Expect to see some special guest.”

DJ Damjan G. started working in the swiss electronic music scene in 1993 and has been an active DJ and promoter for most of the 90s. Initially influenced by Techno and House music artists such as Larry Heard, Robert Hood, The Orb, Sabres of Paradies, FSOL and Cabaret Voltaire, Damjan has built a broad spectrum that expands all the way into far eastern tribal music. This year marks his 20th anniversary as a DJ and live act. He has played in clubs, venues and festivals around the globe focussing on supporting the underground movement of non-commercial affairs. He can now only be found playing in very selected private audiences. Cargobar is one such delight.

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