Freitag 21.11.2014, 20:00

Where: Basel
Genre: Folk | Indie | Pop


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Doors: 20.00
AK: 20.-

Experimental // Post Rock // Folk // Pop //
Singer- / Songwriter


// glaston

After an intense year of rehearsals glaston are ready to set sail: On November 7th the post-rock band from Basel/Zurich will release their first EP “Sailing Stormy Waters” followed by a small autumn tour throughout Switzerland. After their successful debut concert with LEECH the band is excited to take their music to Basel and spend a special evening with Serafyn and Neo&Neo.

// Serafyn

The extremely soulful vocals and often socially critical lyrics surrounded by cello, contrabass, guitar and cajon are leading you through a soft but serious dream of how they see the world. Their first recording “Take To The Skies” was catching on with the crowd from Soundcloud immediatley after British singer-songwriter “Fink” shared the song on his profile. Within only a few months they received more than 100’000 clicks.

Their new single Go Down North is out now worldwide.

// Neo & Neo

NEO&NEO are doing folk-pop between bonfire nostalgie and fairy light romance. The debut album OF FLAMES AND GAMES appears in spring 2013 and it’s songs are goodbyes and recommencements, desert and city, sailboats and cars, majesties and citizens, plays with fire or questions without answers. In times of fast moving happiness, societal uncertainty and collective wanderlust, thoughts are threatend to vanish, experiences quickly to get forgotten and the world to be shattered in a gazillion fragments. The Band therefore musically holds on to truths of moments – once longingly melancholic and once full of luck glancing into the future – and is well aware that truths are but flames opon a fire, they only remain valid until the fire is out.