Freitag 14.02.2014, 22:00

Where: Balz Bar
Genre: Electro

party with friends from basel and berlin
gay is ok
dj set by sarah adorable (chicago/berlin)


sébastien, whenever i see you dancing you’re dancing all alone. how come? you are such a magical someone – indeed every girl and every boy wants to be with you and trip the light fantastic … c’mon sébastien, it’s valentines day! let’s go out again … and if you feel alone just take my hand. ok, sébastien?

LiveDJSetRecorded 05/13: BLITZ@Bi Nuu, Berlin by Sarahadorable on Mixcloud

HH.DJ.MIX.MAYDAY.2013: BERLIN by Sarahadorable on Mixcloud


Steinenbachgässlein 34, 4051
Basel, Switzerland