Samstag 24.08.2013, 23:00

Where: Basel
Genre: Groove | House

Ubbo Gronewold (caresscaress, GER)
Thomas Brunner (Ladybar)

The mission of the DJ is to assemble a musical selection that is as diverse as possible, but not arbitrary – at least in the understanding of Ubbo Gronewold. He has started as a Radio DJ and journalist before even finishing school at one of these typical small independent Radio stations that tried to offer some counterpoint to the then-so-dominant „mainstream“ Radio stations that neither didn´t really have any competition nor an especially thrilling music programme back in the days. At the latest with the arrival of Superbroadband this has completely changed – luckily. What has stayed is the urge of DJs like Ubbo Gronewold to provide diversified, but primarily entertaining DJ Sets, on the radio as well as on the Dancefloor. These guys cannot stop – there is just too much good music coming out all the time! So how long can you freak the funk, separate the good stuff from…


feldberg 47, 4057 Basel, Switzerland