Sonntag 14.10.2012, 21:00

Where: Basel
Genre: Blues | Folk | Gypsy | Rock'n'roll | Urban

Led by the darkly charismatic, Norwegian-born Paul-Ronney Angel, The Urban Voodoo Machine is a supremely talented collective of London-based musicians whose lurching sea shanties, debauched murder ballads, skewed tangos and gypsy stomps have been bringing the spirit of the carnie to an ever-growing audience of dedicated fans these past few years.

Comprising anywhere between 7 and 12 musicians at any one time, the group play a colourful array of instruments including guitars, drums, fiddle, trumpet, banjo, washboard, upright bass, gong, mandolin, accordion, harmonica, saxophone, tuba, sousaphone and even empty bottles and tie racks to build their own unique sound.

Revered by London’s underground cabaret scene, in October 2006 The Urban Voodoo Machine started up the legendary, alternative, monthly club night, Gypsy Hotel: the massively popular night is going strong and each month the group continue to headline and sell out this exciting and eclectic rock ‘n’ roll cabaret. | Page