Donnerstag 29.12.2011, 20:00

Where: Basel
Genre: Electro | Minimal

Welch ein grandioser Donnerstag das doch war. Zwei Floors, jede Menge Leute & gute Musik. Was will man mehr. Es war wunderbar. Dafür bedankt sich das Garage- Team herzlichst bei euch. Für die, die es nicht in die Garage geschafft haben, aus welchem Fumoaristischen Grund auch immer, entschuldigen wir uns. Doch lasst uns nicht lange darüber sprechen wie ach so toll die Fete war. Lasst uns neue Erinnerungen schaffen. Der nächste Donnerstag steht schon bald wieder vor der Tür, dafür haben wir niemand anderes als die Jungs von:


In a world of traditional mainstream and overproduced hits, Mannequine brings a surprisingly new and refreshing approach to the World of Electronical, Independent and Dance-music, influenced by the likes of Fischerspooner, Digitalism, Cut Copy etc. Finding much in common in their versatile musical tastes and approaches, brought the two together and the vision of being one of the very few DJ Duos producing their own songs, was the key Motivation for this project.

Having musical plans already years ago, Mannequine (consisting of DJ VLT and Musician CL-AUDIO) formed as a group in late 2010 in Zurich.

Reworks of the Songs from canadian Metric “Collect Call” and “Sick Muse” were just the kickoff for Mannequine. Winning the Remix contest of the Generationals Song “Greenleaf” in September was a major success. The Song will be featured on The Generationals EP which will be out along their US Tour.

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Catch the most important facts about clatch right here in the interview with the NME!…nah, just kiddin’, it’s fake!

Q: What does the name mean? You wrote “clutch” wrong, idiots!
A: The first idea was to name the group [klʌtʃ]. That’s the phonetic spelling and like this you can read it two ways: either German “Klatsch” or English “clutch”. We liked the different connotations that the term evokes and from there, after some changes in design, the word “clatch” developed!

Q: So, where is the difference between clatch and the Disco Trash DJ Team?
A: clatch is our more serious project. It’s not as if we took the fun out of it (we’re just funny people, can’t help it), but it’s more specific. We’re focused solely on electronic music, music for a more specific crowd.

Q: How would you describe the music you’re playing, what can people expect?
A: It’s very dancey, we want the crowd to party. We want to entertain guests and not just force underground music upon them. It’s going to be a exciting mix, some hits, some bangers, some stuff you never heard before. Watch out for us and listen!