Genre: Pop

Lange ist es her seit dem Auftritt von MS MR im Zürcher Plaza – und trotz ihrer übervollen Agenda, konnten sich die beiden kreativen Köpfe Lizzy und Max ein wenig Zeit abzwacken, um unsere Interviewfragen zu beantworten. Was bei den Antworten herauskam, könnt ihr im Folgenden nachlesen.

First of all: Tons of thankies for playing „Habits“ by Tove Lo during the waiting time before starting your performance!
Lizzy & Max:
No problem! glad you enjoyed – we like to play our Track Addict mixtapes while people wait in the hopes we might introduce them to some new music!

Miss Mister: The name, the mythos, the sound: Describe MS MR in only one sentence that nails it.
Lizzy & Max:
Wow. Just the most impossible task haha. MS MR is an experiment in pop.

Secondhand Rapture:
a) Who did the album artwork and what was the concept behind it?
b) Why did you call it „Secondhand Rapture“
Lizzy & Max:
a) Our dear friend and talented photographer Tyler Kolhoff. We wanted it to feel like the last breath of a late party in New York.
b) It is a nod to our curiosity with media and the environment.

If your music was a place:
What place would it be according to the mood?
Lizzy & Max:
Basically the album cover – a late night party in New York City.

If MS MR was an animal: What animal would fit the best?
Lizzy & Max:
A chameleon.

And if your song „Hurricane“ was delicious menu:
What food and drinks would it consist of and where would you like the people to eat it?
Lizzy & Max:
This is a hard question! Probably a completely random assortment of things from all different cuisines around the world, but french fries and pizza would definitely have a central role haha.

Chose 3 feelings that you want to evoke in your audience and chose one feeling of that you think is the strongest of all feelings.
Lizzy & Max:
Desire, pain, euphoria.
But nostalgia is the strongest of all feelings.

Series such as Pretty Little Liars or Game Of Thrones used your songs like Hurricane, Bones or Salty Sweet for their episodes:
a) Do you watch those series and how does it feel to hear your songs played during these shows?
Lizzy & Max:
Wonderful! It’s great to see our music used in so many different ways. But the Game of Thrones trailer sync was one of the best things about this past year. It’s our favorite TV show.

If you had to do the whole soundtrack for a movie:
What movie would you chose?
Lizzy & Max:
Heathers because it’s dark, twisted and over the top but with a sense of humor. Also, who doesn’t love a bit of teen high school drama.

Amazing lyrics! Tell me something about the writing process:
Where do you take your inspirations from and how do you manage to satisfy both of your personalities?
Lizzy & Max:
Both the lyrics and music come from a very honest place. Everything is rooted in personal experience and emotion and we’re lucky we’re so comfortable with one another to be able to exchange ideas like this. Lizzy tends to write lyrics while walking around the city.

You’ve met other artists like Jessie Ware on a festical and CHVRCHES remixed your song Hurricane:
Who would you love to do a collaboration with and what’s your most favourite song at the moment?
Lizzy & Max:
There are so many people we would like to collaborate with. It would be wild to be able to do something with Arcade Fire. Right now we’re both pretty obsessed with Strong by London Grammar.

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