Freitag 05.05.2017, 21:30

Where: Atlantis
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Roustabout Survivors (USA)

The legendary ROUSTABOUTS return to Atlantis! Roots Rock and Roll Made in New York!

The Roustabouts were formed in New York, 1981 by Gary Setzer upon his departure from the Proto-Punk group the “Bloodless Pharaohs”. In the 1980′s The Roustabouts were one of New York’s hottest live acts headlining all the major venues in the city as well as performing as opening act for such groups as the B52′s, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Robert Gordon, The Blasters, etc. In the late 1980′s they were discovered by the legendary Atlantis manager Eddie Cassini who traveled to New York searching for groups to bring to Europe. He invited them as the first group to perform in Basel and they eventually recorded a live album in the Atlantis (Alive in Atlantis). Their legendary performances brought the Atlantis to a boiling point many times over and of all their European destinations, Basel was their home.

The Roustabouts have been an American Roots Rock and Roll institution for over 35 years now. Some members move on, others return, some are no longer with us, some come and go, but once a Roustabout always a Roustabout and the show continues!

We are pleased to present the original lineup for the “Alive in Atlantis” album returning once again to Basel! Guitarist “Loud” Lee Tobia will be joining us in spirit (RIP) but the rest of the boys along with special guests will be bringing a night of Rock and Roll to be remembered for a very long time!

Roustabout Survivors are:

“Mister” Neal Hooper, Lead Vocals and White Trash Blues Harp
Tommy “Boom Boom” Dee, Bass Guitar and Vocals
“The Notorious” Dale Powers, Guitar and Vocals
“Crazy” Louie Maiello, Drums and things
and Special Guests