Samstag 20.06.2015, 23:00

Where: Basel
Genre: House | Techno

Davide Squillace (This and That / Barcelona)
Carola Pisaturo (This and That)
Gianni Callipari (Cadenza / Basel)
Haiku 575 (This and That)

- the fine art of clubbing – opens in Basel on Saturday 20th June -

Blender is a party, a network of creatives, a brand that connects sophisticated electronic music with contemporary arts.

An idea of Davide Squillace, developed in collaboration with Boiler Corporation and the This And That Lab. Blender will first take place as a series of events, involving music talents to create collective live performances, re-designing the club experience. In each Blender event, all data recorded during the night will be mixed and processed, to create a three-dimensional artwork. The music of the live set as well as the sounds of field recordings, the volume of people as well as the temperature of their bodies: all data collected will shape a unique testimony of that happening. Music, visual arts and technology blends in a limited edition sculptural object. Friday 19th of June, during Art Basel 2015 the artwork made from Blender 000 will be privately shown at CONTO, Basel’s brand new venue that used to be a bank, and the preview will take place in its caveau. On Saturday 20th June, the live performance of Blender 001 will take place at Nordstern, where all guests will be taking part in the creation of the next Blender artwork. Dj sessions by Davide Squillace, Carola Pisaturo and Gianni Callipari and Haiku 575.

Davide Squillace @ Kazantip (Ukraine)