Montag 16.06.2014, 20:00

Where: Basel
Genre: Art

A LADYBAR during ART BASEL is what a Ladybar is. Every Night, you the observer and or participant will dive into a new space in place. Every day of the week during the 16th to the 21st of June will represent one of the moods and strange behaviours of such a place as a ladybar is. You’ll see cannibals eating fresh meat, sirens singing irresistible songs, giants turning the wheels of steel, dancers above purple skies & beneath golden undergrounds. You’ll hear readers (yes, the bill hicks type of book reading people) & painters, scrawlers & fainters. If you miss it once, you’ll see it twice more or just buy an Art Card and get in for free every day all night week long. When sun day has arrived, we shall all rest and contemplate about the joyful madness we’ve just been through.

The kitchen is open daily from 6pm until midnight and you wouldn’t believe if we would tell you what they will cook during those daisy-chain days. But we can assure you that once you started eating those magical things out of Eli Bu’s kitchen, you do not want to stop eating any more.

✩ 16.06: Burlesque Fantasies & Cannibal Courtesies w/ ALMA NEGRA, dj/Artist (the Valley), DJ Werner & the Bodo Maier Jazz Quartet (live) ✩

✩ 17.06: Italian Discos & Boogie Dreams w/ MARCEL VOGEL (Lumberjacks in Hell, NL) & MAX BUNT (ZH) & Tom Brunner ✩

✩ 18.06: I Never Read Book Fair Opening Party w/ DEMOLITION BLUES (Live, ZH), Faust & Zenit (Bass Vandalizm) Alæ, Dersu & the Bodo Maier Jazz Quartet (live) ✩

✩ 19.06: Deeper Underground w/ FLO REAL (Mahogany, USA), Jer I Corpedd, Neevo & The Name Game ✩

✩ 20.06: HEK Night w/ FATIMA AL QADIRI (Fade to Mind / Hyperdub, US)

✩ 21.06: PAINT IT BLACK Tattoo That Ass Special ✩