Montag 16.06.2014, 18:00

Where: Basel
Genre: Art | Event | Opening | Sport

Connecting the local art community has been the Dada festivals’ goal ever since their beginning. Now, over twelve years later, they rank as the premier show of their kind, showcasing art alongside rubbish with a strong and smelly curatorial perspective. Their tradition of excellence across a wide range of genres offers visitors the most untamed art that the world’s best galleries could never offer. In Prague, Zürich and Kolín, the week of the Dada festival teems with parallel exhibitions and cultural events, creating an exciting environment that deepens and strengthens the relationship between artists, curators and collectors, without having to involve any greedy gallerists.

18:00-22:00/ Opening with Pianoconcert with Maria Lelckuk (D) – Dada Mass with Pastor Leumund Kult
Daily 12:00-18:00/ open stage, open writing desk, open kitchen, cleaning workshop 14:00-15:00/ open couch with Dr. Holzhammer
Everyday free entry from 12:00 to 19:00.

Fussball WM:
18:00 Deutschland – Portugal
21:00 Iran – Nigeria
00:00 Argentinien – Bosnien-Herzegowina