Freitag 06.06.2014, 21:00

Where: Basel
Genre: Electro | Folk | Indie

Give To Light is the new solo project of Andrew Hoepfner.

Hoepfner is best known as the guitarist of Darwin Deez, and was the frontman of the Brooklyn band Creaky Boards.

Give To Light currently consists of Hoepfner singing and playing the Omnichord, a synthesizer that is the 80s reincarnation of the autoharp. His performances are melodic, minimal, and intimate. | Page


Yo’True Ben J. Wood is Yo/true. That/s the name all of the best R&B artists of the 90s would have given themselves, had they grown up in Yeovil, England. None of them did.

Yo’True is all yacht rock smooth, hip hop groove, jazz chords and elaborate, prog arrangements. Hand-crafted songs, packed with familiar pop melodies and baffling tangents. | Page


DC Schneider is a duo of young sisters, Joana and Leonie Schneider, from Munich, Germany.

They play enthusiastic, psychedelic lo-fi music and have released many, many songs on their bandcamp since early 2012. DC Schneider toured extensively with their American friends Porches, Frankie Cosmos, Give To Light and Yo’True (from London). | Page

DC Schneider’s first physical release is a limited cassette edition on the Klienicum Schallplatten label. The SŸddeutsche Zeitung call the Schneider sisters “Unbelievably good!”


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