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Where: Basel
Genre: Electro | House | Techno

If people think of Switzerland, they think of green meadows, clear water, snow-covered mountaintops and fresh air. In the world of electronic music they think of soulful house music and a history of great parties and clubs. It is in both of these environments that Marco Biagini aka Kellerkind grew up. In the small and rural town of Solothurn Kellerkind discovered the Chicago sound in the local clubs and became fully infected with the virus of house music. 15 years later, Kellerkind has become an irreplaceable figure in the Swiss electronic music scene.

In the beginning, it wasn’t much more than just fun. Now though, it is a true passion. After many nights spent on the dancefloor at Solothurn’s ‘Nacht-schicht’, Kellerkind started to DJ himself – at first in his bedroom and soon in the clubs in and around his hometown. Warm deep house and the soulful music of Chicago remain his biggest influences as he blends his favourite tracks together on the turntables. Very quickly he starts to play out in Switzerland’s big clubs. While Kellerkind becomes synonymous with the clever arrangements of tracks, it is a constantly pulsating groove that is his true trademark, which can still be heard in his DJ-sets today. “It’s all about the groove”, he claims for himself. By 2007 Marco has already played the biggest and most important clubs in Switzerland, be it Zurich’s Hive, Rohstofflager, Rote Fabrik, Zukunft or Bern’s Formbar.

His career, however, really kicks off with his first release ‘Bergluft’ in 2008. Since 2001 Kellerkind has been producing music. His name, which translates as ‘basement child’, can be taken quite literally, as he spends hours creating and arranging his warm house sounds in his basement studio in Solothurn. In 2007, Kellerkind meets the guys behind Swiss house imprint Sirion Recordings and in 2008 he releases ‘Bergluft’, a track that gets worldwide feedback. It is played out by many famous DJs, charts at number 5 of Beatport’s minimal charts and even gets airtime on John Digweed’s UK radio show on Kiss100. After the sterling debut things happen quickly: Florian Meindl releases the ‘Keller EP’ on his label Flash Recordings, of which the tracks ‘Natural Juice’ and ‘TomTom’ list highly in various different techno charts. Later the tracks are re-released on vinyl as part of the ‘Don’t Go Home’ EP, which does well with record retailers such as In 2009, Kellerkind’s working-relationship with Oliver Koletzki develops as he is asked to produce a remix for Koletzki’s ‘Since you are gone’. The finished remix receives great feedback in the scene. Since then he has released a shared EP on Stil vor Talent with Niko Schwind – an homage to classic house music – and has been featured on the ‘Swiss Edition’ EP in 2010. Most recently, his ‘Groovebox EP’ was released on FLASH to critical acclaim.

Since his first release, Kellerkind’s DJ career has taken a sharp turn: he has played Berlin’s famous Watergate, frequently plays at Hive Club in Zurich and many other international dance venues. While channeling the energy of the club in his records, Kellerkind enjoys the contrast between weekend and weekday: he produces his tracks in a small wooden hut tucked away deeply in the Swiss countryside. It is here that his warm and soulful tracks are written and he gets the chance to replenish his batteries for the long weekends spent between Zurich and Berlin. “Most of my influences still come from my time spent in clubs”, he states, a fact that is confirmed by his DJ sets and productions. There is always this pulsating groove, this unstoppable energy that makes Kellerkind’s music so unique, and so danceable.

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