Samstag 07.05.2011, 22:00

Where: Basel
Genre: Garage | Hardcore | Rock'n'roll

In der elften Ausgabe steht, wie schon vor einem Jahr “Attack Of The One Man Bands”, ganz unter dem Motto der Alleinunterhalter. “One Man Band Rumble” wird aber mehr als nur Konzert sein! Macht euch gefasst wenn der King of Trash Yodel und The Explorer of the Unexplored Territories of Rockabilly die Bühne betreten…. THEE MYSTERIOUS ASTHMATIC AVENGER vs. SHERIFF PERKINS das klingt nach einem Battle! Eingeläutet wird der Abend durch TONG TIED TWIN aus Wintherthur, den man schon mit anderen Grössen aus der Welt der Alleinunterhalter auf der Bühne sehen konnte. Energiegeladener Garage Rock’n’Roll mit einer guten Portion Blues. Yeah! Go primitive!


Endowed well on great unlimited powers, it is with a devilish precision, that he massacres and simplifies for you the big classical authors of Rock’n Roll, country music, traditionnal Yodelin and making them accessible to all. Masked, wearing an antigravity cap, armed with his marvelous Haze, the enchanted guitar, Thee Mysterious asthmatic avenger composes his own music and makes the crowds jodel while he appears on stage ! When he is happy, he does “live cooking” during his shows and his favorites are saussages (knack style) with Sauerkraut.

Thee Mysterious Asthmatic Avenger – LSD


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TONGUE TIED TWIN is a Blues Trash One Man Band fighting out of Winterthur in Switzerland. The only band member is Christian Buehlmann born in that same small city in the year 1969. TONGUE TIED TWIN is playing the Blues, primitive Rock’n’Roll and whatever else comes naturally. His music is energy driven and heartfelt. The guitar playing and the guitar sound are the core of his one man show, while the stomping, shouting and hollering make the TONGUE TIED TWIN sound complete.


Sheriff Perkins started performing as a one man band in July of 2005. Then he sang, played guitar and kick a bass drum as well as a little drum machine whose purpose was emitting a snare sound every time he stepped a foot on it. Later he got himself a real snare drum and started bringing a twin bass drum pedal, which he doesn’t play a great deal, but which appears to be good for showing off. So far he’s released a LP and a four-track 7 inch, appeared in a few compilations and played over one hundred concerts in France and Europe, anywhere he could display his lousy technicity and his poor musical taste. It’s needless to say, he’s not even remotely a real sheriff.



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